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About Us.
We at Desirable Villas are always on hand to look after your very valuable investment. Whether we are looking after your guests to bring them a dream holiday experience they will never forget, or just the day-to-day Management of your home.

We have built a reputation for providing that personal service with an attention to detail. We are committed to excellence and ensuring that all of our homes feel like no one has ever been there before and that each guest is the first. We pride ourselves on maintaining the home to the highest standard and with our hands on approach and the assistance of our dedicated employees; we are constantly in touch with each home's requirements.

We make every effort to get to know our homeowners & their homes, thus ensuring that the home is presented perfectly for each & every guest. We treat each home as if it was our own. We treat each guest as importantly as the next. We aim to please at all times.

We are on hand to assist guests with any problems or queries they may have – phones are manned 365/24/7, Emergencies are dealt with as soon as possible.

We have a number of contacts in the travel industry who assist us in providing help with the bookings for your property. If you already own a property here in Florida, you will undoubtedly be aware of the stresses & strains of being an absentee owner – our aim is to minimize that feeling by always being available for contact, by either phone or e-mail.

When you are thousands of miles away you want to know what is going on – we make sure you do. If you are thinking of buying a home or are in the process, you will certainly need the services of a reputable Vacation Rental Management Company – a house cannot take care of itself and someone always needs to be on hand to make sure everything is running smoothly. This is what we do best and you will find details of our services and fees below:

Total Management.
We are confident you will find that we have covered every aspect and concern for property owners making your investment as easy and hassle-free as possible. We are a Property Management Company who prides ourselves on the quality of the homes we look after. If you want to earn rental income we will endeavor to acquire quality bookings for your home, if not we will just visit regularly, maintain the property, pool, and landscaping, so that when you visit, your Villa is in the same condition as when you left it. If you are experiencing difficulties with your existing managers, then please contact us for a fully confidential discussion of what we are able to offer. We will not make false promises, but we will give you an honest appraisal of what you can expect of us and how your current situation could be improved - whether you decide to join us or not. The quality of your Property Managers will, ultimately, be the deciding factor on how much you enjoy your home in the sun. Our Full Management Service includes the following:

  • License preparation and renewal - To ensure your Villa meets all State and Local rental standards
  • Tracking of all bills
  • Full Housemaid/Cleaning Service.
  • Pre-Check in Inspection to ensure your Villa is at an exceptionally high standard before guests arrive.
  • Check out Inspection to ensure everything is in order after guests leave - To check for any damage.
  • Pool service - We only use fully qualified (CPO) Pool Technicians, who are both licensed and insured.
  • Landscaping Service - Kerb appeal - you only get one chance to make a first impression.
  • Maintenance and minor repairs - To keep your Villa looking as good as new.
  • Free advertising on our websites. - If you require it 

We will always Endeavour to build and maintain a great working relationship with all our owners by being available to answer virtually any question at any time, day or night. A member of our Team will always be available to give help or advice to guests whether over the phone or, if necessary, by visiting their Villa. No two Villas are the same, and by the same token, no two guests requirements are alike. We will, therefore, not restrict our offer to a small list of additions, we will listen to what our guests requirements are, and wherever possible, we will ensure they are met.

In summary, our management package includes taking care of your rental property; meeting your guests and attending to their requirements; ensuring all your licenses are maintained; filing your monthly sales and tourist tax; providing bookings for your property; maintaining a key control system; preparing a monthly statement of account, listing all income and expenditure, organizing the pool care, house cleans, pest control, landscaping; forwarding your mail; dealing with problems; minor maintenance and ensuring that your property is maintained to a safe and regulatory standard throughout. We provide a professional, yet highly personal service. We also strive to give our homeowners excellent value and we will maintain our prices for a minimum of one year once you engage our services. Key elements of that service include:-


Our accounting department is fully computerized with state of the art hardware and software designed specifically for Vacation Rental Management. Each month you will receive a detailed statement of your account showing your income and expenditure. All original invoices from service providers for all utilities and other expenses are scanned and will be kept on file. These can be requested by Owners and can be provided as PDF copies at any time. 

We have different tour operators and agents who concentrate their activities on the provision of rentals for our homeowners. We are continually working to expand our agents in both the U.S. and U.K. thus ensuring a constant increase in rentals for our owners. Payment for rentals is made in US dollars. We also have arrangements for a 'leaseback', or 'Commitment' scheme with a number of tour operators which provides a regular guaranteed income for the period of the contract. All income is paid monthly.

Security Deposits:
All guests register with our office, or with the travel operator where a security deposit in the form of a credit card number is taken and kept on file. Any damages are reported to us after a cleaning inspection, and if necessary, we then debit the amount from the guest's credit card.

Probably the single most important factor in creating a lasting impression of the homes is its appearance when the guests first arrive. Our experienced housekeepers have consistently provided our guests with clean vacation homes for many years. We realize how important it is to guests and owners that they find clean and neat accommodations upon arrival. Your home will be professionally cleaned to high standards after each guest's use and at any other time at the owner's request. Our cleaning team is assigned to specific homes and this provides them with strong motivation to do a good job and take ownership. We receive very good feedback from both guests and owners about the standard of the homes on arrival. Every home shall be personally inspected by a member of the Desirable Team before each new client checks into the property. Additionally, annual 'spring cleans' are also arranged as required. A comprehensive Annual Inspection and Inventory is conducted for each owner during the off-season. The report includes recommendations for such things as replenishing kitchen inventory, replacing carpet and furniture, painting or adding guest-requested furnishings, supplies or amenities. While it is important to maintain each property's uniqueness, standards are necessary to meet guest expectations and those set by the licensing authority.


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